About Seaside Hypnosis Center

Seaside Hypnosis Center is the parent company to the following:

Seaside Hypnosis Center is a clinical hypnotherapy facility located in the beautiful coastal city of Victoria, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Proudly serving the Pacific Northwest since 2001, Seaside Hypnosis Center is firmly based on a four-prong philosophy of integrity, quality, professionalism and service. The company was originally established as a counselling and general clinical hypnotherapy facility but shortly thereafter changed its business model to that of a specialized hypnosis center. We understood the clinical value that specialization brought our clients and we wanted them to receive the absolute best results they could get anywhere, at any price.

One of the outcomes of this decision was to establish The Quit Smoking Clinic, Vancouver Island’s first Quit Smoking Specialists. Our clinic has now helped hundreds of smokers to become non-smokers forever. We continue to be called upon by clients from all over mid to Western Canada as well as from the U.S., England, New Zealand and other corners of the world. To date, our smoking cessation program is still the first and only guaranteed program on Vancouver Island.

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